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Step Aerobics

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Beach & Recreation
Step aerobics is a classic cardio workout. It's lasted for decades for a simple reason: It delivers results. It's not just an '80s thing!
We're proud to remind you that we continue to offer Step - Aerobics classes two times a week through Morris Beach & Recreation.
Classes are held each Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the James Morris School (10 East Street) gymnasium.
Class is open to everyone in the Community regardless of your energy level. Routines, set to music, can be modified to meet you at your level.
This class is a great way to reenergize yourself in the New Year! Half of the class is devoted to Step, the other half to strengthening using hand weights.
Both steps and hand weights are available for your use, but you are welcome to bring your own hand weights, if possible.

Class is taught by Morris resident Cindy LaPlaca who has been generous enough to share her passion of fitness and wellness with our Community for longer than we deserve!

Sessions are held in an on-going 6-week format. If joining after a 6-week format has begun, Cindy is kind enough to prorate the cost for you. Easy registration at first class!

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, ongoing
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
$42 per 6-week session

Questions? Email us at activities@townofmorrisct.com

Please bring a water bottle, towel and hand weights (if possible) to first class.