Spring In A Bag!

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Senior Center
Who doesn’t need something alive, green and beautiful in their life right now?  I know, I do!  I cannot wait to be outside, in the garden and enjoying all that it brings.  Aside from the weeding, of course!

Until then, we have for you….SPRING IN A BAG!

In your Bag, you’ll find all you need to successfully force a drop dead gorgeous amaryllis bulb—you’ll have a proper size pot, the amaryllis bulb along with potting soil and a few surprises!  Complete instructions will be included, as well.

Don’t have a Green Thumb?  Don’t worry!  This is SUCH an easy product with great reward—trust me!

We would like to extend our gratitude to the extremely generous folks at White Flower Farm for their donation of the amaryllis bulbs and coordinating pots for our effort.

A beautiful amaryllis blossom in all of its glory is good medicine!

Please call (860-567-7437) / email us (Morrissrctr@optonline.net) to reserve your Spring in a Bag!  Limited supply so please do not delay.
Drive—Thru Pick Up            
Wednesday, April 7                      
1:00 pm—2:00 pm