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Pickleball League: Get Pickled! BEGINNERS

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Beach & Recreation

We're helping to meet that Pickleball need that's sweeping the Northwest Corner!

This league will run for six weeks; meeting one night per week. Beginners and Intermediates will be separated by meeting time / space.

What is your Pickleball Skill Level Rating?
If you answer YES to 5 or more of the statements in a category below, that is your level. Please register accordingly.

I know where to stand at the beginning of each point
I usually get my serves "in"
I am getting the hang of keeping score
I can often keep the ball in play
I know what a dink shot is
I usually let the return of serve bounce

I have the basic rules down
I am capable of hitting a few dinks in a row
I can usually hit backhand shots when I need to
I try to be strategic about how and where I hit the ball
I am working on getting my serves and return of serves deeper
I actively work with my partner to win the point

Beginners meet at the James Morris School gymnasium on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm - approximately 8:00 pm.

Intermediates meet at the Bantam Annex gymnasium on Fridays from 6:00 pm - approximately 8:00 pm.

League play begins on Wednesday, November 1 and will be played in a ladder / round robin format.

6 - week ladder series, beginning November 1
Beginners: Wednesday, 6 - 8 pm / JMS
Intermediates: Friday, 6 - 8 pm / Bantam Annex
Limited space available / alternates needed
$25 for league players / $0 alternates

Registration opens October 18!
ALL registration / payments conducted through Litchfield Park and Recreation