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Town of Morris Prescription Savings Card

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February 11, 2020
First Selectman's Office
Morris signs up for new, free Prescription Drug Discount Program offered by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities for residents of its member towns and cities.

As a member of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), Connecticut’s nonpartisan, statewide organization of towns and cities, the Town of Morris now offers its residents a new way to save money on prescription medications and certain medical services. Morris participates in this program as an added benefit of its membership with CCM, at no additional cost to the town or its residents. This card can be used by any Morrisresident at Morris’ local pharmacies and a number of national pharmacy chains, to obtain steep discounts and savings on prescription medications, whether they are currently insured, uninsured, or underinsured.

Since CCM began offering the “CCM Discount Prescription Drug Card” program in September 2012, 140 towns and cities have signed up for the program. During that time, residents in the participating communities have filled more than 250,000 prescriptions and saved more than $12 million with an average prescription savings of 50 percent.

The “Town of Morris Prescription Drug Discount Card” helps residents save money on their medications any time their prescription is not covered by insurance. This prescription discount card will provide immediate fiscal relief at the pharmacy counter for residents and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Anyone can participate, regardless of age or income;
  • All prescription medications are covered, including any pet prescriptions for human-based medications that can be filled at a regular retail pharmacy;
  • There is no cost to the municipality or to participating residents;
  • Generic prescriptions offer the highest savings, but name brand medications are eligible for discounts as well;
  • There are more than 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Stop and Shop, and Big Y, and many local pharmacies; 
  • Discounts are also offered on other medical services including vision, hearing, and LASIK services.

“CCM is pleased to offer this valuable community service to the Town of Morris,” says CCM’s George Rafael. “This program will help residents save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their medications, and certain vision and hearing services, with discounts on eye exams, LASIK procedures, frames and lenses, and hearing aids.”

Cards may be used by all town residents regardless of age, income or existing health coverage. There are no enrollment forms, membership fees, restrictions or limits on frequency of use for residents. Cardholders and their family members are encouraged to use the cards any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance.

Cards can also be printed by visiting CTRxDiscountCard.com after the cards have mailed and by selecting Town of Morris from the drop-down menu. The website also contains a “Learn the Perks of the Card” section where residents can locate a participating pharmacy, comparison shop their medication, and find the information on the discounts that are also available on vision, hearing, and LASIK services.